Shape & Sizing Guide


  • Short

    • Oval

    • Round

    • Square

  • Medium

    • Oval

    • Square

    • Stiletto

    • Coffin/Ballerina

  • Long

    • Coffin/Ballerina

How to choose the correct size


  • Order a Sizing Kit, it is a cheap and easy option that allows you to find the perfect fit. It includes 10 transparent press-on nails, one of each size.  Buy it here. 

  • Order a Full set of 20 nails (2 of each size), it is the fastest option to get your nails without worrying about the size. Each design has this option in the 'Size' selection.

  • Measure your nails at home (see below).

Sizes (Thumb / Index / Middle / Ring / Pinky)

Check the following table to understand which size numbers will be shipped for each size (XS / S / M / L).

Note: check the table below (Sizing Chart) to understand which number corresponds to which size.


If your nails do not match our default set, please send us your size as a comment (thumb to pinkie).


(Sizing Chart)

How to measure your nails:

  1. Attach a piece of clear tape to your nail and press firmly.

  2. With a fine marker, draw a line on both sides of the nail.

  3. Carefully remove the tape from your finger and place it on a smooth surface.

  4. With a ruler, measure the number of millimeters between the two lines.

  5. Check the table above (Sizing Chart) and note what number (0-9) your nail corresponds to.

  6. If you are not sure about the size, it is better to take one size larger than smaller.

  7. Repeat until you have measured an entire hand.

Full Set (20 Nails)

Please select a full set (20 nails) for your first order if you are unsure of your nail size.

The 20 nails set includes 2 nails of each size, from 0 to 9.